I was so excited to come to the library and enjoy all the kids being occupied in a safe place with no neighbors to bother.  What a great opportunity to write!  Of course, I forgot to bring the SD card, which is my brain’s external hard drive.

And, in case you were wondering, telling my kids to hurry up and gather the library books is like telling them to hurry up and shower themselves dry.  I spent hours chasing them out of corners and closets, where they would hole up to read each others’ books.  10 minutes later, I’d be unable to find any of them, or the books.  Again

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks, but I’ll save the specific updates for pictures.

One event that didn’t involve a camera was our visit to a local Episcopalian church we’ve been enjoying seeing as we pass by it on our travels.  We had planned to check out the local LDS ward, but they must have had stake conference, or something, because the building and parking lot were abandoned.

What an experience All Saints was!  It was very reminiscent of a Catholic mass – lots of familiar wording, music, art, and architecture, but dialed up to 11.  Here’s the interior, courtesy of google.


What really knocked my socks off (and most of the kids’), was the music.  See those shining pipes to the right and left of the altar?  They’re at the back of the church, too.  This was the first time I actually understood why anyone plays the organ.  We didn’t so much hear the music as feel it.  The 2 organists looked like they were playing a sport, not an instrument.

And then the choir!  I’ve never had the privilege to hear a choir of that caliber in person.  And we were in the second pew.  And the 3 soloists were highschool kids.  I am so in love with the city.  So in love.

While I was dripping tears on the kids’ heads, Ben was in the back, walking Matilda, and he happened to meet the children’s choir director.  We’re going to check out a practice on Wednesday afternoon.  The kids are half skeptical, half excited.  I’m hoping it will at least introduce us to someone who can give us the scoop on local musical happenings for kids.

The kids are anxious to go see more churches on more Sundays.  It seems that there’s a gorgeous, old church every couple blocks.  We have our work cut out for us.