We made it to the High!  What a great experience.  On Weds. morning, we got dressed, ate, and ran out the door to go see the art museum.  It was significantly warmer than Tuesday, but everyone was still glad to have hooded jackets.

The symphony is on our way there, so we stopped to take a look at this cool statue in the plaza.  There were no signs, or fences, or any other indications that this was a Don’t Touch display, so the kids ran up to get a better look.  As soon as I finished getting some pictures, a security guard came scowling towards us and shooed us away.  She was not pleased that we had gotten up close and personal with the Guy Made of Guys, as we dubbed him.


When we got to the Sifly Plaza, and the kids could run on the grass and play on the Tio Vivo exhibit without interruption or danger, they took off like wild beasts were after them.  We spent about an hour letting off steam and exploring the exhibit, then headed inside to find out about passes.


Let me just say, if you live close enough to the High to visit often and you aren’t taking advantage of the family pass, you’re wasting a great opportunity.  It would cost my family $87 for one time tickets to visit the museum.  The Family Pass Plus (which has reciprocity with hundreds of other museums around the country), is $125.


The art was amazing, and the kids’ interest in it was delightful.  We had a really good time walking around, taking notes, deciding what we want to learn more about before we return.  But the really great part about being there was that we weren’t just wanted, we were celebrated.  It was wearing on everybody a little that we’re constantly in everybody’s way.  On the sidewalks, at the library, in the apartment, we’re trying to be quiet and leave room for people to get around us.  At the library, the patrons and the librarians acted put out that we were in their space, and some expressed concern that all the children weren’t physically attached to my body at all times.  We had to go to a busy hallway to stop and have a drink and a snack, and there were concerned and irritated looks there, too.


At the High, people were happy to see a crowd of matching kids.  We were encouraged to check everything out, ask questions, touch the things that were made for touching, there was plenty of space and tables and chairs for a lunch break or just a break.  There was a children’s section with chairs, tables, toys, and a cool exhibit.  It was restful to be there, and we can’t wait to go back!


And on the way home, we even met some cardinals hanging out in the bushes.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real cardinal, before, or if I did, I didn’t notice him.