On Wednesday night, I was up with Harriet pretty much nonstop from 2 until the other kids woke up.  I figured it would be wise to stay home, rest up, and push herbs and healthy food the next day.  We did go out for a short walk in the afternoon, but by evening, everybody was pretty tightly wound.  We waited for Paterfamilias to get home, then we went on a longer walk to see the lights on the buildings around Woodruff Art Center.



This one always has something to ask about or comment on – always.

We ended our walk at Mayor’s Grove.  As soon as we got through the gates of the park, onto the walking path, the kids just bolted, running like colts.



That’s the MOON behind the swinging girls.  First time we’ve seen it since we left Wyoming.

They found the play equipment in short order and climbed everything in sight.  They told me they were so glad we went at night, when no one else was there to get nervous and tell them to follow the rules.  I think we’ll keep choosing school nights for park time.