I have so many delicious things to tell you about Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s exploits, but those posts will have to wait for another day.  Right now, I’m going to tell you about the humidity.

My 4yo’s hair has become animate.  Check this sucker out –

And she got croup, last night, and I discovered another side to humidity.  Every single one of my kids has dealt with toddler croup, from time to time, and I felt like I was an expert at handling it.  But you can’t add steam to a fog bank.  My rule of thumb was “Cold is better than hot; wet is better than dry, and a change in the air generally helps.”  The only thing I could do for her last night was to hold her in a somewhat upright position, until my husband had the bright idea to turn on the heat and dry it out a bit.  I think it did help.  I’ll try that for night two.