Ooooh, the Lefties are in a tizzy. HuffPo, The Daily Beast, Politico, The Daily Kos, the AP, USA Today – they’re all rubbing their hands with glee at those stupid Republicans’ latest gift. Big, bad, rich Republicans and their crazy Aunt Tea Party are at it again, trying to force old folks to eat Alpo by slashing God-given Medicare benefits to seniors. The Ryan Plan is political posturing, they say. It will never pass, it’s short on critical details, it will scare precious AARP members away from the Spend and Spend Party, and it will irritate Aunt TP because it doesn’t go nearly far enough.

I have to admit that many of these accusations struck a chord with me, especially when I visited the website for the Ryan Budget and was assaulted by a full-page campaign ad for Paul Ryan that was weirdly missing the “Ryan 2016” logo. This is obviously a political ploy, and Ryan is the one raking in the name ID and the TV face-time.

Take a deep breath – just a few years ago, Republicans weren’t even acknowledging a debt problem. The Ryan Plan doesn’t take our national death – I mean, debt spiral seriously enough, but unlike the Democrats (and many in his own party) at least the young Congressman recognizes it publicly and has offered something resembling a solution.

In my opinion, we don’t have 28 years to balance the budget. I have kids who want to live their own lives, not pay for their parents’ and grandparents’ follies. But you know what? I’m not offended by Ryan. Politicians are going to be politicians. Our Founding Fathers understood the nature of man and the nature of men with power. That’s why they sacrificed everything to give us a government with limits. If Paul Ryan thinks that playing my song will win my heart, he’s right. Keep on strumming, brother. For as long as you’re taking requests, I’m all ears.

It has been working, folks. Your outrage has reached the ears of the mighty, and in the interests of keeping their might, they’re at least offering us rhetoric. If we keep up the pressure, they will keep moving toward smaller government, more accountability and less waste. Don’t slack off!

Paul Ryan, Spawn of Satan

Paul Ryan, Spawn of Satan.  He steals from old people and makes babies cry.