I was mildly interested when I first heard about this youth protest, but the media coverage has me wondering if my aging Suburban could make it to the corresponding protest in Sacramento or San Francisco.  Left, Right and Middle, the media appears to hate these folks, and that makes me really like them.

As homeschool mom to four busy little critters, I have scant time to delve deeply into the news, and a corresponding guts deep need for grown up thoughts and ideas and information.  So I listen to the radio (Left and Right) while I wash dishes and fold clothes, and I read a couple news stories while I’m eating my lunch, and from what I’ve heard, the Lefty news thought the protest was suspect before Big Labor got involved, and the Righty news thinks the protesters are all anti-establishment hippies who should go out and get jobs and quit filching on their parents.  I really identify with anti-establishment hippies in a very conservative Mormon kind of way, and I feel a nice glow when I think of a group of shaggy-haired creative youngun’s stepping up to say something is wrong with this picture.  Gleaning from the news stories I’ve heard and read, these seem to be the biggest complaints –

  • I can’t find a job – not even part time.
  • School costs too much.
  • My degree is worthless. I didn’t need to go to school for a diploma; my parents will buy me toilet paper if I really need it.
  • It makes me crazy that Wall Street got bailed out.
  • We shouldn’t be in Iraq or Afghanistan or any other sand country.
  • Politicians are corrupt and out of touch.

Now, I doubt that these folks share all my ideas of how to fix these problems, but I get the feeling that they share one idea with me – government is too involved in my life and it’s screwing everything up.

Ron Paul 2012?