It’s ok to be nuts.

Yesterday was a nutty day.  There are make yourself bald nutty days, and then there are nutty days like yesterday was.

My plan was to get my 7 loads of clean laundry folded and put away after breakfast while the girls practiced piano, then help everyone with school work once M (our friend who is homeschooling with us) arrived at 9.  I had told the kids they could do some Ribsy themed art work after math and English and lunch were finished, and then we were scheduled for Almost Girl Scouts at 3:30.

Instead, I got to make a Home Depot run for Sexy at 8:45, so I let M’s mom know she should show up late.  Being a busy mom who seldom gets out of the house without 4 busy motormouths, I took advantage of the freedom and stopped by Walgreen’s and the health food store before running to the HD.  Of course, everything took longer than expected, and when I got home at 11:00 I remembered that our teacher from the charter school was coming by this morning.  I also realized that though I had asked the girls to clean up the breakfast mess, I had failed to ask them to shove the 7 loads of laundry back into baskets and hide them in my bedroom.  Standing in my living room, having just said goodbye to our teacher, I was unsure how I had managed to get out the front door in the first place.

So, I sat on the carpet and folded clothes, the kids finished the work part of school in time for lunch, and I was so busy with clothes, lunch, Lost Dog posters, finding uniforms and pre-preparing dinner, that I didn’t have time to feel overwhelmed.  The rest of the day was just as crazy as the beginning, but looking back, we accomplished the important things.  Here are a couple of lists to sum it up –

Things I didn’t accomplish

  • Make our teacher or M’s mom think I’m a sane, organized homeschool mom.
  • Clean my living room
  • Clean my kitchen
  • Arrive anywhere punctually
  • Get dinner on the table before 8:30 PM

Things I did accomplish:

  • A very nice, relaxed break from life while running errands
  • Piano
  • Math
  • English
  • The kids made 3-4 Lost Dog posters each and wrote classified ads in their best handwriting willingly.
  • We got to Almost Girl Scouts only 20 minutes late and the girls had a blast.
  • Number 4 and I had our own little date at Staples while the girls were playing at AGS.

I don’t usually feel this zen about a nutty day, but it’s nice to have a good one once in a while.  It makes me feel capable.

Megan on the outside

Megan on the inside